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America Went to War With Iraq

April 2, 2008
By Anonymous

I remember being petrified as I watched the world fight her battles with bombs and destroying innocent civilians all while my grandfather was dying in hospice. It seemed like everything was coming to an end. Being a little over eleven didn’t help me understand; I was still mentally undeveloped. I thought it was my fault, and it killed me to sit back while the last few days Grandpa lived the world had to be so cruel. He left us all a few days after the declaration of war. He’d be devastated to know it hasn’t yet ended.
I am seventeen years old and trying to find my place in the world, but I am afraid of this world.
I hate war
But I can’t end it on my own.

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The Iraqi war was totally unnecessary. Some Americans think it was about stopping a ruthless ruler, or finding weapons of mass destruction...but it wasn't. If it was about finding weapons of mass destruction, the American troops would have pulled out a LONG time ago when they realized there were none. All they ever found were simple rockets and guns. If the war was about taking down a ruthless ruler, we would have left when we found him and killed him. The truth is: the Iraqi was isn't about any of's about taking control of the Middle East and the Muslims by having a prominent standing in Iraq, a major important country.