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What Matters to Me

February 12, 2008
By Anonymous

What Matters to Me

Have you ever had a goal and then failed to complete it? If you wanted to complete that goal, would you just give up or keep trying? Perseverance is when you try nonstop to complete a goal or finish a challenge. Like Thomas H. Palmer said, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”
The value that matters most to me is perseverance. I think that perseverance is what creates success. Without perseverance many people would fail at all the things they do. Perseverance helps me to be a better person.

Success comes with perseverance. If you were to look at all of the successful people in the world you would see that each one persevered to get to where they are now. My favorite baseball player doesn’t become one of the most famous baseball players by sitting on the couch and watching TV. He goes to the gym nearly everyday and practices to become the great player that he is. He is an amazing player because he perseveres. I look up to those people because I know I will never complete my goals without perseverance.

Without perseverance people would fail at everything they do. I learn this through the many challenges of school. One time, I didn’t study for a math test. I did terrible on that test because I didn’t remember any of the things we worked on. When I retook the test I remembered to study hard before I took the other test and I did well on the test the next day. In school I persevere to get good grades each marking period. If you don’t study, which is like persevering, you can fail a class.
Perseverance helps me succeed in the things I do everyday. When I am behaving badly my parents help keep me in check by showing me what I need to do better the next time. I work on that problem so I can become a better person and not do the bad thing again. I need perseverance to be a better, nicer, and smarter person.

All in all, perseverance shows you who you will become. Perseverance helps me be the person I am today. Without perseverance, I would not be happy with who I am.
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