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January 26, 2008
By Anonymous


I have a confession to make: I could do anything, if I only knew what it was.

I grew up living with a family who thinks that impossible is nothing. My parents told me that I just have to figure out what I want early in life and do all means to achieve that dream, in order to succeed. For years, what they said was all I held on to.

The pages in my very own story book that I call life turned swiftly that I almost did not notice. After several years, here I am, finally a high-schooler. This important milestone in life helped me become more independent and little by little, make decisions for myself. Making short term decisions are easy for me, whether it be picking out the clothes to wear or choosing the perfect present for a friend. I cannot understand, though, why I still find it hard to figure out the work I want to pursue in the near future. Why I still cannot figure out my true passion in life.

Passion, I believe, is one of the best things every man should have. It is the very driving force that makes people want to do things. It is what enables human beings to move mountains, cross seas and do extraordinary things. Each person is unique. For one person, satisfying his/her passion may mean being able to entertain people with his/her singing prowess; for another, it may mean fulfilling his/her lifelong dream to help others. One thing is for sure, however. Passion does not only benefit the people themselves; their passion also affects the people around them who get touched by what these passionate people do, give and create.

Once a man possesses this wonderful and often life-changing gift, it becomes no surprise to have the value of perseverance, one that makes us h old on to what we want to achieve in spite of obstacles and difficult times. It is the same magical ingredient that enables potters to mold marvelous jars and vases, ballerinas to perfect their craft and the shy to deliver a flawless speech.

Every day we hear more and more bad news about the planet, and we fear that we can do nothing about it. I believe, however, that passion and perseverance are two very important values we can use in order to help alleviate the burden of the Earth. The passion for a better world. The passion to help others. And most of all, the perseverance to do what one can do to contribute to the betterment of the planet we live in. These are what our planet needs badly.

Now, if I could just figure out what my calling in life is…

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