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July 3, 2010
By BrainsANDBeauty PLATINUM, Donnellson, Iowa
BrainsANDBeauty PLATINUM, Donnellson, Iowa
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As an American, I feel compelled to attempt to understand the depth of the history of our nation. My family has deep roots in the United States Military, and many of my relatives went through the hardships wars pose on our grand nation. Whenever the opportunity arises, I take the time to talk to my family about what it was like to be an American, to be in the military or live in constant fear of the future of our nation, and I listen.

My grandfather, Richard Millmier, was a part of the sea bees, a branch of the Navy which did construction work. He was in the Vietnam war, and he has a very acute memory of what it was like. He has visited our school for the past two years to participate in the Veterans Day Assembly, and brings his memories and photographs of the war.

My great grandmother, Lenore Gram, was in America during WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War. I interviewed her last year about her experiences during WWII. She had cousins in the war, and worked in the Sheaffer plant, at that time making parts for bombs. My brothers and I used to ask her questions about the war, and we could spend hours hearing her detailed stories of the past.

There is a good chance that I have family members who were Missing in Action, or who were Prisoners of War, but I feel a connection to all of our country’s fallen soldiers and a deep respect for all who fought for our nation, and for our future. I wish to salute anyone who has ever contributed to the war effort, because I know through the stories of my elders how hard it was, and the toll it took on our nation.

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