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Blue, Black, White, Brown, Or Purple

July 9, 2010
By Marisela SILVER, Centralia, Washington
Marisela SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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What's The Point? Why Do People Think That They Are Of Higher Intelligence Or They Are " More Important". I Dont Understand It. We Were All Imagrants At One Point To But Our Ancestors Took Matters Into There Own Hands, The Would Kill Native Americans For Land But The People Who Weren't Born In Our Country Aren't Trying To Kill Us For Our Land They Are Trying To Become One With Us. Trying To Form A Unity An Alliance Yes Some People Are Bad But Why Should The Whole Ethnicity Be Discriminated Against When Only A Few Hundred Who Are Not Good? There Are Many People In Each Race Who Aren't Good But We Don't Discriminate Against Them Because They Were Born On U.S. Soil But That Doesnt Prove Who They Are Or Who They Will Be. So Why Do We Judge Them So Quickly? You Tell Me.

The author's comments:
It reminded Me of all The Things Going On In Arizon Right Now.

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