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This I believe

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

This I believe

I believe... in friends. I believe that real friends never leave, that they will never forget you and always be there for you.
I am a foreign exchange student from Switzerland and live now in Miami. I never realized how many good friends I have, till I got to leave them. My best friend, Meta, organized a whole day with me. She remembered all the good experiences we had together and put them in one memorable day for both of us. In the morning we went jogging, because we always wanted to go together, but never had the time. Then we made waffles for lunch because we used to do that nearly every day when we were in Croatia together. After that we went shopping in our favorite mall. And in the afternoon we made fruit salad, as we used to do when I was sleeping over at her house. In the evening we met some friends at the lake and she told me that she has to go home for about two hours. I was a little disappointed because this should have been our last real day together for the next six months. But I went home and agreed to meet her later at her house to finish our day by watching movies (as usual) and baking our traditional muffins. When I knocked at the door at about 7 o'clock Meta told me to come into the kitchen. So I went upstairs. It was silent, but smelled really good. I saw a beautifully decorated table, with flowers and white candles. And then suddenly all my best friends appeared from behind the wall and shouted: "surprise!" I could not believe it. I did not know how to react as I looked in all those faces full of expectation. Then I felt a tear rolling down my cheek. They all came and hugged me. That was probably one of the happiest moments in my life.
My plane departed three days later. In the morning again, all my best friends accompanied me to the airport. There we all went together to Starbucks and talked and laughed. For a moment, I forgot that I was leaving. An hour before my departure I really had to pass the pass control. But that was not so easy... I hugged them, cried, and promised them to write at least every week and tell them how my "American life" is. Have you ever watched a romance where one person leaves at the airport and waves and cries on the other side of the thick glass between them? Well, I felt kind of like this when I left.
Every week there came more and more emails from people I never expected them to write me. But they did... they asked me how I was and told me that they miss me at school or in practice.
Now, there are 32 days left till they will pick me up again at the same airport. And I cannot wait...

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