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December 10, 2007
By Anonymous

it's the kind of thing that isn't too easy to find..
and once you find it you might not realize it right away...
it could be right before you,
staring you in the eyes and playing mind games with you,
waiting for a response from you...
but your soul has closed up, expecting deception and heartbreak.
you want to say the words..
you want to feel grateful that you've found it..but it seems so hard
you know you're not in control because your heart has been won over..
and you don't want to cry, but here you are in tears
and you don't want to hurt, but here you are in pain
pain because of fear, fear of being let down..
you've found love;
now open up to it, live it, breathe it, taste it, feel it.
you've been waiting for so long
this is the time to let go.

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