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Musical Activities Lift Your Spirit

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Musical Activities Lift Your Spirit

Most kids in school think that people in band class are major geeks or nerds. This is not true most of the time.

When kids become active in band class or even simply just taking lessons somewhere. If you are involved in something musical, it makes you feel calm and refreshed.

Choir might even be a choice for some people. It gives you a chance to let all of your feelings out by singing. In choir, you get to sing a variety of songs with different moods and tunes. It sometimes lifts your spirit.

For people that play instruments, there are lots of activities you can be in. For one, there is concert band which is also known as band class. Concert band is just a fancier name for band class. Also, there's marching band which is the best fun you will have in your entire musical career. You get to travel to different contests and participate in many things. At home footballs games are most marching band member's favorite activity. Although it is fun on the ride on the way to contests. There is also pep band that one musiacal person cna participate in. Pep band is a activity to have fun and cheer up the crowd at basketball games. It is a really fun time to have fun with your friends and enjoy playing your music.

A lot of people take their musical careers very serisouly. They put passion into their work. They get up every looking forward to either helping someone with their music or simply playing their instrument. It is a real enjoyable time in their life. If you were to ask a musican if they regreted being what they were, most of your answers would be a no.

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