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October 17, 2007
By Anonymous


I hate when you're right.
I hate when im wrong.
I shouldn't have let you go.

You were perfect in my eyes.
You were the best I could imagine.
You never did any wrong.
[Do I deserve someone this great?]

The truth is the same.
The truth will always be.
The truth is what I should follow.

I loved you then.
I love you now.
I will always and forever.

Why did I choose this path?
Why did I switch sides?
Why do I always pick the wrong way?

A wrong turn can lead to a wrong road.
A wrong road could lead to a wrong ending.
A wrong ending isn't right.

I have my regrets.
I want to change what I did.
I hope you forgave me.

Without you, I'm alone.
Without you, I'm incomplete.
Without you, there's no me.

If you ever feel alone.
I'm sorry.
If you ever feel like crying.
I'm sorry.
If you ever just want to give up.
I'm sorry.

I never meant for it to be this way.
I never wanted to feel this way.
I never again will choose this way.

You are my everything.
Now I realize.
You are what makes me smile.
Now I realize.
You are what brightens up my day.
Now I realize.

But now, is too late.
Or is it?

Can this wrong be undone?
Can we go back to before?
Can we put this behind us?

All it took was seeing.
What life was like without you.
All it took was feeling.
As awful as I do.

I know what I knew before.
I know that I can't be without you.
I know what must be done.

Forever my heart belongs to you.
Forever you choose what I do.
Forever, is a long time.

"This will certify that the above work is completly original."
Jordan Alexandra Williams.

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