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March 20, 2009
By Brian Allen BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
Brian Allen BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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When there is a task that needs to be completed the initial reaction that most people take is to realize that completing this particular task as soon as possible would result in the most satisfying and productive action. Yet there is a response that comes when attempting to start an assignment before completion is absolutely necessary, which, of course, is to leave no consideration for the future and focus on satisfying the present situation through the statement 'I'll do it later.' There is also a process that goes into the more mild facet of procrastination which is to find small tasks or just mere distractions and focus on those instead of completing the assignment. One rarely forgets the unpleasantness and anxiety that occurs when rushing to complete and assignment at the last minute.

The beginning stages of procrastination are when a deadline seems to be extremely far away and the assignment is seen as an insignificant speck in the distance. Yet of course and time progresses so does the size of the speck and amount of intimidation that comes with. Many students in class begin to ask the question 'have you started it yet?' The most common answer to this question is simply no. The more immediate assignments become the center of attention and any long term assignment is put on the back burner. Here is when a realization arises that the day before the deadline will be extremely unpleasant yet nobody seems to care because nobody needs to care' yet.

As more and more days go by, the planning process begins. You think of when you will do the assignment and plan which days you will do which parts. Of course things never turn out as planned. Maybe for one day instead of writing two pages, you watch the office marathon, then hang out with friends. But everyone is still relaxed because of course they don't have to worry about starting because they have a couple more days to complete the assignment. At this point you fully realize that this assignment will not get started until the very last day.

As the due date approaches most everyone has already started and some are even done with the assignment and those who have yet to start now feel alienated and begin to panic. Time management becomes key in this situation, it is necessary that you know how much time the paper will take and make enough time available to complete it before ten at night. Well that never happens because something better to do always arises once again and the paper doesn't get started until seven at night and you predict that it will only take about five hours to complete.

When the process being when the assignment is really being started the little distractions become much larger distractions. You find that maybe if you play bloons for another fifteen minutes you will get it all out of your system and be able to begin. Yet when bloons is done with you look at some dishes and even at this point dishes seem more entertaining than a paper. So after the dishes are done you may decide to get to work. Yet really the work doesn't start for another hour or so because you cant get anything written down. Your mind is dead and blank and a panicking feeling arises in your stomach. Your heart begins to race as you think of how you are going to begin this paper. Then you start, everyone who has already started and completed the assignment over a well planned period has gone to bed and is sleeping soundly. And as you look over at your bed you really wish you had looked out for the future way back when the paper was assigned.

The next couple of hours are just a blur in memory, but the actual experience is sometimes extremely unpleasant yet some may say that they feel exhilarated when in a very high pressure situation. Your fingers slide across the keyboard and you scramble to get just something down. Your hands are shaking because of the two red bulls that were consumed about fifteen minutes ago. You wonder if you will feel the soft hug of your bed tonight and be able to just close your eyes and have this all be over with. But when you open your eyes you see the white computer screen and a Microsoft word document starring you in the face, and all you can do is squint back. This constant glare is the only thing illuminating your room and the clock seems to be moving faster and faster. As each hour rolls along you feel twice as panicked. You see that the time is about five in the morning but the good news is that this paper is almost done. At this point the worst is over, but there is still a sinking feeling in you stomach which is brought on by sleep deprivation.

The mouse curser rolls over to the print button and you click. Just like that this assignment is out of your life, until you get the paper back. You tell yourself that this will never happen again and you warn all others not to procrastinate because procrastinating is extremely unpleasant, but in a few weeks maybe a month the same thing happens. There is no escape from pushing an assignment back to the very last minute, if you are a procrastinator than this process is likely to repeat itself so you might just want to go out and pick up some more red bulls.

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