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February 13, 2009
By yahmemato debleye BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
yahmemato debleye BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Pride determination to make a better future for me, and the next generation. Racism still exists today even though it's not as bad as it use to be. I am an African American and fourteen years of age asking a white lady if she could move her bag so I can sit down. I was pretty sure she heard me because she looked at me and turned back around. I wanted to cry but I remember I had pride. I thought to myself why is this world so cruel is it the color god made us. It's just color it doesn't take our beauty away from what we have in the inside. It is pride you have to take for black, white, or any race. Be different stand out don't let people bring you down remember Martin Luther King said he had a dream. But I have a future I am leading toward to make a difference stand up for what is right and the pride that shines bright in our generation. I grew up in a world of killing, hate, and jealousy but I want a better future. We will get a better future because of our generation who is determining to make changes. God made each and every individual different and it is not the color of our skin because we are all children of God. No matter the color, religion, or culture we all have pride in our self. We have to stand up for our community and never forget where we came from because our pride will take our generation farther. The Ghetto is where we are from and the killing is what we are surrounded by we are focusing on making this world a better place and making the future brighter. Going to school is our priority to change the future, because we will be the future the lawyers and consecutives of this nation and we will all build it on up on PRIDE

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i was inspired by our black presiden obama who made me to think that blacks can do anything in life

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on Apr. 21 2009 at 4:32 am
Color*My*World BRONZE, Bellows Falls, Vermont
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I agree with you, racism is a horrible thing, but it doesn't only happen against African-Americans. What I usually encounter is if an African-American is proud, it's being proud, but on the other hand, if you're white being proud can be being racist. I treat everyone, no matter what skin color equally but I don't find this fair.