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February 12, 2009
By Cathryn DeMartino BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Cathryn DeMartino BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Cathryn has a friend. She is nice, has always been, even during her routine squabbles with others. She seems almost distant at times but that is passable. Until she told me I should never be allowed to adopt a child.

Cathryn has a friend. She wants to cut her off in the most painful way possible. Hurt her inside to feel the pain of millions whom she doesn't understand. Make her see how her ignorance and closed minded analysis could keep us in the dark ages forever.

Cathryn has a friend. She doesn't talk to her much anymore. She eats in the lunch room or out in the court yard while Cathryn eats in a classroom. After English they talk, waiting for a mutual friend to return from her routine bathroom break.

Cathryn has a friend. But she does not know what to do. Ignore her and her comments? Or be the forgiving one and let it pass? Work towards equality by silence or speech? Forgive? Forget?

Cathryn has a friend, but most of all Cathryn has someone she loves, someone who loves her. And with that, Cathryn no longer worries about her friend. All that matters is herself, and those who care about her more then a lunchtime buddy.

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