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Coming Together

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

I am an African- American female living in an environment that is mostly set on whites. Not everyone here is that way, but there are a lot in one place. This place is called Auburn High school. Some whites here feel that they have a higher place over us. For example I came across this white girl that said she thinks that us blacks should have a negro fund because we were so poor. I feel that they think every black is poor or can’t afford anything. There aren’t only some whites that are prejudice, but some blacks are too. Another example, was that some of blacks would always pick on the whites and say things about them. In this school some people discriminate over clothes, what street you live on, who you hang out with, and etc. The students aren’t the only people that segregate, some of the teachers do to. Some sit here and tell you that your not going to pass. They put you down and leave you stranded. Then most people wonder why a lot of us students aren’t graduating or finishing school.

Out of this whole school only one place brings you together. This place is the Girls Varsity basketball team. Being in the 10th grade and on the team makes me happy. What makes it so good is that there are two blacks on team and no one discriminates against that. Our only senior and me. The season is over, but you can still tell that we are a team. During the season, we spent a lot of time together on and off the court. We would do team bonding and things like that. We would make racial jokes, but they were only ones that we understand.A lot of people would look at us like were crazy, but we know that we don’t mean it. This usually happened when we went to away games. Never did we have racial discrimination about anybody. I will never forget when we played Utica Proctor which is preferred to as a “Black School”. A girl on that team asked if Auburn School only had white people and then everyone looked at me. It made me mad because not everyone from a small town is white. Then it made me laugh because she didn’t know better. After that incident we joked about it all the time. Also a teammate and I would joke about the other girls being black and we was white. It was hilarious.

This team is a family because we know how to come together. Despite all the drama and segregation going on, this team puts a stop to it. Everyday we come to practice happy, upset, and even angry but that doesn’t stop us from becoming a team. We come together through rain and snow. We come together nice and slow. No matter if others discriminate. We know that they just go that way. We can’t change how people act, and we know that for a fact. We can always stick together and voice our opinions on whatever. The Girls Varsity team is a group of different color, shape, and size. I know that we will be together for life, even when we graduate from Auburn High school.

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