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I Wrote This

June 23, 2008
By Anonymous

If I ever had a best friend.....
it would've been her
We were....
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Cookies & Milk
Batman & Robin
We talked for hours
until her mom told her it was getting too late
We hung out
unless her mom said she couldn't
We were best friends
until I wrote those things

I was just trying to be nice
Apparently I crossed the line
A line I didn't even know existed
How could my comments get so misinterpreted?
People I talk to say its her fault
I blame it on me
It's my fault
I wrote those things

Although I couldn't have predicted I'd get that response
Why is that she never said anything before he came along?
But it's still my fault
I wrote those things

She says it's because of what other people might think
Who would've thought they'd think that?
I always said I didn't care
But apparently I should
How am I supposed to feel?
Trust me
If I only knew
But it's still my fault
I wrote those things

We're still friends but you can tell it's not the same
I'm probably ruining it as I write
But that's my fault too
After all....
I'm writing it

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