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February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

I come from a diverse background. My mother is half white and half Pilipino. My dad is black. As most people would say at my school: I’m a “half breed”. My high school is predominately black. So I do get made fun of a lot. The plain fact that I’m mixed. I consider myself black since I have more black than anything else. But I guess I was wrong.
Every on at my school doesn’t get offended by the word N----- like I do. Here the white people will just about call any one of us that. When I first came her I had just got out of juvenile for get in a beat a girl for calling me that very word.
So when I move to a place where there mostly black kids at the school I felt a lot better about not being called that word. To my surprise no one here really cared but the teachers about that word.
One day I was outside waiting for my bus when I heard a girl say “Ain’t nothing at this school but a bunch of n-----s.” So I when off on her. But what had offended me the most happened after she left. When some boy had come up to me and said that I had no right to be upset because I wasn’t really black any way. So I tried to explain to him that even though I was mixed I had more pride in black heritage than most black people. Because what proud black person would let some one call them that and get away with it.

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