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Voice of Democracy speech

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

what is a veteran, is he a hero or is he a patriot. Well I’m here to tell you that he is both he is a hero and most of all he is a patriot. What is a hero you ask, some people would look in a dictionary and tell you a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities? Let me tell you the definition of hero in one word, Veteran. Does a veteran not have courage and noble qualities for his country? I think so and now I am going to make you think so to. Lets act as if we were a solider, Tell me would any of you say goodbye to your family not knowing weather you would ever see them again, then go to a base camp where you could get killed at any time while your sleeping using the restroom or just walking around. It doesn’t stop there then you finally get to watch TV and you hear people talking about how the war is ridiculous we shouldn’t even be over there. Then they think that what there doing isn’t even supported. Now you are going to get called out to go to battle where you are fighting and risking your life for people who don’t even support you being there. Now you are being shot at and all of your friends, maybe even family around you are dieing and for what some people to have freedom but wont even thank you for it. Is that not bravery and noble qualities.
I think so and you should to but veterans don’t just end there, there are also patriots and we should be more patriotic toward them. You can’t even take that away from them. You can’t even attempt to tell them there not a patriot. For those who don’t believe in war, I would like you to think about why you even have the right to think that and also, why would you think that do you want every other country to come over here and just manhandle us, you may say you don’t believe in war but lets see what you think when you have guns in your face screaming some god awful language that you cant understand and then tell me you don’t believe in war. I will admit when I was young and stupid I used to think who cares about veterans day, it’s a waste of my time, but if they would have looked at the world war 1 and 2 like that and the other wars we wouldn’t have what we have today freedom. So thank you veterans thanks to every person who has enough guts to go in the army because I sure don’t so thank you for protecting me and the others around me We should support them no matter what they are doing whether we feel its wrong or right, you support your veterans and you pray for those who are living every night and you be a proud free American.

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