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By Anonymous

There are just too many people who judge me on my age, myappearance and my ethnicity,
but is that really the right reason to judgeme?
For one thing, my age shouldn't measure the level
of my personalmaturity,
it's just a pity how society is constantly
judging me for actsI've never done,
accusation number one:
just because I wear baggy pantsdoesn't mean
that I'm carrying a gun,
that stereotype is as old as an"I Love Lucy" rerun,
consider me for who I am deep down insidebecause
I inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
just like you,
socoincide with me
whatever you decide I'll be identical to who Ireally am
deep down inside
because I refuse to change my image for anyoneand everyone,
yet I've only just begun to calculate themathematical
equation of my statement,
subtract your stereotypes ofme
then add my positivity
divide what's right from wrong
and multiplyour philosophies together,
so what does that leave you?
a solution youcan't comprehend because you're too
occupied blaming me for something I didnot do,
accusation number two:
just because my ancestors are from Asia
doesn't mean that I know kung-fu
or that I eat dogs because none of thatis true
What truly makes me different?
When I take a shower I wash my hairwith shampoo
just like you,
I get sick with the flu just like you.
Sowhat truly makes us different?
You can't answer me because you're too busy
with accusation number three:
just because I'm bald doesn't mean that I'mjust another gangster wannabe,
but what I really wanna be is understoodbecause
I'm misunderstood when it comes to you understanding
what I wantyou to understand.
Do you understand me?
Because of my age,
I feellike I'm talking to the hand of society
so I'll disband from society and whatit's trying to say because all that matters is what I'm trying to say,
andwhat I'm trying to say is that
I wish I could rise and be free.
The realstory is that I care about my people enough to attempt to make adifference.
You might disagree because of my appearance,
but that justprolongs my perseverance.
So enough of your interference.

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on Mar. 5 2009 at 2:06 am
I feel somewhat the same way. I think, that just because I just so happen to be wearing black clothing, and because of my age, people that I've never met are alwase avoiding me!