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Don't Be Afraid!

June 6, 2009
By MusicIsMagic BRONZE, Bilthoven, Other
MusicIsMagic BRONZE, Bilthoven, Other
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I’m definitely not the average girl where I live. I’ve lived in five different countries, like different music, wear different clothes and have different hobbies. What I hate most is that so many people judge other because they like different things. You might have never heard of the band We Love Chicken Wings, but you think, just because of the name, that that means it’s the worst band in the world. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge a person by his or her clothes, music and hobbies. That’s just lame.

I don’t often wear Abercrombie and American Eagle and stuff. The media seems to feed us the words ‘When you wear these clothes, you’re cool!’. Yeah, those photo-shopped, make-up painted models look awesome, I have to agree. Note the words photo-shopped and make-up painted. They’re as fake as the barbie dolls you used to play with when you were seven. So why think that people who don’t wear those clothes aren’t cool enough to hang with? I know you’ve heard this so often, but so many people still think that.

I wasn’t accepted by the other girls of my new school last year. I was ignored. Really, ignored. My old friends were 2000 miles away, and I was left with no-one to talk to. I basically closed my entire life, making sure no-one could ever see the real me. And the reason was eventually ‘cause the girls didn’t like me because I was different, or in other words, unique. They judged me before they even knew me. Now they do know me, they want to be my friend. But hey, why would I be there friend? Yeah, you could say that I’m judging them for what they did in the beginning, but I’ve met new people who don’t care that you don’t have a Dolce & Gabbana bag with you when you go shopping.

So eventually, you blame the media for saying that this is cool, and if you don’t wear it you’re not part of the popular gang. Guess what? You’re the one who’s afraid of not being ‘cool’. You know what true coolness is? Not being afraid to be different, not being afraid to be turned down by your so called ‘friends’. Be open, wear what you like, listen to what you like, do what you like. Life’s short, so why waste it trying not to unique?

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