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Lonely Man

January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

I thought the short story "Lonely Man" by Augusto was very interesting. I enjoyed the idea of the story, the lonely man sitting in the bar talking to the one person that would listen. Though the style of writing seemed rather informal, it added a nice modern-day touch.
To be honest, I'm not partial to the informal style myself. I find that it is not always very consistant. There are certain sentences in Augusto's story that are exactly that, though few, but mostly it stays true to the same style.
The only part of the plot I found a little inconsistent was at the very end when the lonely man says something about the other person's grandmother and the grandmother turns out to be sick. Does the person leave or not? it seems that he is going to, but I was not absolutely sure. "oh, she's sick?... I really didn't... okay, yeah, another time then." Then, in the next paragraph it says, "Another drink then." Is the lonely man taking to the other person or the bartender?
Other than the few little inconsistancies, I found it to be very well written. Bravo, Augusto!

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