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You Are Lucky

December 8, 2011
By PriscillaAnn GOLD, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
PriscillaAnn GOLD, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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"In this life, we take our chances and in the end, the best we can hope for is that the thrill of the moment was worth the price we paid."

The article You Are Lucky is definitely one of my favorite pieces. In this article, the writer talks about how lucky you are to even be on this planet. How lucky you are to have an education, a computer, that you can understand a language and that you’re able to read. Sure, people always say that they’re appreciative or are thankful for what they have, but do they really mean it? I say it too, and I mean it. However, half the time I just forget how lucky I really am because I think what I have is so normal. I think everyone is just used to what they have and they know someone, somewhere has it just a little bit better than them, so that’s what we want. We are always craving for better. We can’t just take what’s given to us and appreciate it. We think it can’t get any worse, but sadly, it can. Some people can’t understand that, but hopefully someday everyone will realize how lucky we really are; that we have way more than we know and have it as good as anyone would wish for.

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