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A Homeless Soldier MAG

January 20, 2011
By Victoria Bowman BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Victoria Bowman BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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“A Homeless Soldier,” written by “Alice” in the January issue, is an emotional piece that will make many readers think. She describes a U.S. soldier wandering the streets, begging for more than just survival. Alice shows us the ironic flaws of “patriotic” Americans, more than willing to claim they “support our troops,” but not willing to walk the walk. This article uses great imagery that makes you feel guilty for society's flaws.

Many articles have been written about the homeless, but this one has a drastically different message. Alice does not tell readers that their problems don't matter; she doesn't call us selfish for ever rejecting a homeless soldier. Instead, she opens our eyes and makes us realize that war and disaster hurt everyone. Even the winners lose in these daily battles. We must try to understand that a homeless soldier is not a bum, but a symbol of loss that should not be ignored, but rather noticed and understood.

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