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December 29, 2010
By Emilia901 GOLD, Moreno Valley, California
Emilia901 GOLD, Moreno Valley, California
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Let me first say that I love! It is a fun, safe environment for teens around the globe to share their ideas and creativity with other teens. However, I have a question concerning submitting work to your site. Why aren't any text styling options available? Shouldn't teens be able to italicize or change font sizes when submitting their work? Options like font type, underlining, text color, etc. add to the creativity of one's work.

I know you have rules and regulations to keep Teen Ink a safe place for young people, but I think many users would enjoy the option to add a bit of variety to their work.

Editor's note: Thanks for the suggestion, Ambrea. Maybe one day we will be able to offer more style options. In the meantime, you can bold or italicize text in submissions by ­using basic HTML code.

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Nykki7 SILVER said...
on Jan. 3 2011 at 7:28 pm
Nykki7 SILVER, Wenatchee, Washington
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I totally agree! I wondered the same thing myself  :)