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How to Calm Down During and Before IB and AP Exams

April 17, 2018

As you may have heard from your fellow classmates, there are upcoming IB and AP exams. These may be stressful to the people whose future college depends on it, but some people are able to relax through this situation. We need to learn from the people that are able to relax a bit from the stress as this will lead to better results. In this post, you will learn about different ways to relax a bit during this stressful time.

Although it may seem like you need to spend most of your time at your desk studying for exams, it might not always be the best option. Taking simply 1 hour out of your day to do some sort of physical activity can help with remembering certain details as exercise stimulates brain cell growth. Taking this exercise break can help you study better when you return to the desk. Getting up and doing some exercise can also help your body feel refreshed and most boredom will disappear as the brain will be able to find new stimulation. If you bring a friend to exercise with you then the exercising will become more enjoyable and this will help you feel more refreshed once you are done working out and back to studying. This will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable last few months of high school and potentially higher grades.

Snacking on all the random foods you have in your house might seem like a good idea but can actually lead to less energy and an overall unhealthy feeling in your body. Choosing the right foods to eat while studying can be really helpful especially if they provide lots of energy. A good example of this would be fruits such as bananas or apples as the carbohydrates ingested from them provide more energy allowing you to study and remember information better. Eating certain junk food that contains processed sugars can slow down how you study as it provides you with low amounts of energy. Eating lots of junk food can also make the body feel groggy and sickened whereas with a healthy diet the body will feel stronger leaving you willing and able to work for longer periods of time.

Making a study plan or a schedule can really reduce lots of the stress that builds up. This is because when you plan everything out beforehand, you do not have to think about what you need to study when and how. The only thing left to do after making the plan is actually following it which with good time management skills can be done easily. Following this will easily lead you to complete the IB and AP Exams with no stress and good marks.

These three steps might seem simple enough that you do not need to worry about them, but following this advice will make a noticeable difference. It is never too late to apply this as this can be used in later examinations as well.

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I am currently in the process of studying for IB Exams and taking these steps has helped me.

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