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Modest Proposal: A Satirical Solution for Texting and Driving

November 10, 2016
By ashleighrw BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
ashleighrw BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
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It is a melancholy object to those driving down the road that they will see many other drivers deciding to text. Most drivers contribute to the extremely high percentage of those who text and drive. Even to the intelligent individuals who chose not to text and drive the roads are still unsafe for them. If this seemingly stupid  trend continues in the United States it will the roads will be unsafe for everyone and the fatality rate from crashes will keep increasing.

I think it is agreed by all parties that the life-threatening occurrence of texting and driving simply needs to just stop and diminish among the next generation of drivers.  For those who lost someone to texting and driving or have been in a crash due to this event they truly understand the stupidity behind this action that they/another chose to take. If a solution was created to make texting while driving instinct it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

But my intention is far from being confined to provide only for the betterment of society; to ensure that distracted driving, especially technology induced,  comes to an end for all drivers whether they are young, old, experienced or inexperienced. This will make every road in America safe and provide all drivers to stay intensive and focus on driving and nothing else. 

As to my own part, I have studied the proposals of other projectors, and concluded that they are not nearly as efficient as they claim to be. The laws and other meaningless efforts to stop texting and driving will not work. In America we know many people believe they are invincible. Due to this his they do not follow the laws and just simply will do whatever they please, eating, driving with one hand, etc. If this fad continues to occur America will be forced to, once again, use horses for transportation for safer travel since their will be a slighter chance of fatal crashes. However the idea I have will force everyone to be focused on their driving, whether they like it or not.
I will now present my own idea, which I hope will not be subject to any disagreement.

I humbly offer it to the public consideration that mankind as a cohesive and cooperative unit, should not be able to get distracted while driving whether it is because of technology or anything else. With this brings the new ‘Driving Gloves’, a must have for absolutely all drivers.

In this scenario, the gloves will equipped with special sensors that only attract to the different controls of the car; lights, shifter, windshield wipers, etc. The car will also not start until the driver has put the gloves on and no controls will work unless they are touched by the gloves. Another feature of these gloves is that anything someone tries to touch that doesn't involve a car control, such as food or a phone, will be repelled. When objects are repelled they are simply pushed away from the hands of the driver. The gloves will react with and only with things that pertain directly to driving.

Of course, this will create many inconveniences for drivers, but the only thing that matters is safety. This will stop all eating and driving and most likely put many fast food places out of business. Drive- thru’s will no longer be necessary or legal. Helping calm your upset child in the backseat? Too bad, both hands on the wheel at all times. Plus as long as you have the gloves on their will be no distractions, even with the screaming kids in the backseat. 

These drastic and sudden changes will create a big uproar in society, but sooner or later they will realize its for the best. With no way to text and drive the fatality and crash limit will plummet, and crashes will become a rare event.

I can think of no valid objection that may be introduced to antagonize this proposal unless someone is a supporter of texting and driving and has no care for human lives. This proposal will solve texting and driving flawlessly, with that being said it's a shame someone has not thought of it before now. 

Again, no one should dare to suggest these notions to me until they have a small spark of hope that these actions may be implemented.

It is not that I do not respect the input of others on the subject of solutions to texting and driving, but simply that this is the only valid solution. Many other things have been attempted but nothing has worked yet. Just because places have made texting and driving illegal does not mean people will conform to that. If there is one thing that Americans believe in it’s that nothing is illegal until you get caught.So if you want to decrease the amount of teens and other drivers dying, buy a pair of these gloves now!

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