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February 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Why must I be the responsible one? Why must the world be dangerous or frightful to the ones on it? Why must the world be full of violence, hate, drugs, sex or anymore white trash and hatred? Why can't anyone care for one another and just be selfless for once? There are only a few in this dreadful world who care for one another, share, are selfless, and want what is best for their world, country, family, friends, and even strangers. Why must the world ignore all the people calling wanting the better and wanting the peace and happiness for the worlds own good? Why can't America join hands, to create world peace of getting rid of drugs, violence and a trashed world? Think about the stress we could let go if we no longer had to worry about our friend's health, our children's safety of no longer worrying about drunk drivers, drugs, or gun fighting and gangs. Think about living in a clean enviroment breathing in clean air and not having to worry about killing our earth. Why is God's presence slowly fading and Satan's becoming stronger? Why can we not unclench our hands and join them with each other and others around us?


The author's comments:
I am always surrounded by stress, I feel that the world is just now full of hate, drugs, and more of the things that people do not need. If we could just love one another, we could make the whole world a better place!

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