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Fed Up Essay

October 28, 2015
By NeilG BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
NeilG BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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In this movie, Fed Up, I was eminently impacted on how so many people, not just Americans, but in all countries are affected by obesity. I was greatly surprised that one out of three Americans are obese. This makes me wonder why people are so overweight, then after watching Fed Up I figured out that lots of people are like this because they are addicted to sugar. I figured out that sugar is 8x more addictive than cocaine. What I do for a healthy diet is eating more salad, instead of more fattening foods such as fried foods. I tend to eat things with lots of fiber and protein, such as lean meats and whole wheat breads.  I eat a lot of fruit such as apples, strawberries and bananas, I also like to eat onions, peas, carrots and other vegetables too.

What I do to maintain a healthy diet is running and playing sports like basketball, baseball and football to help me even more to have a good diet for many years to come. My breakfast consists of mostly a large bowl of cereal during the week. During the weekend I usually have a more balanced meal like whole wheat blueberry pancakes, bacon, turkey sausage, and eggs. Instead of regular pancakes I may also have french toast and sometimes waffles. For lunch during the week I am usually at school, but when it is the school year I have either pizza or a Jersey Mikes sub with a drink and sometimes a bag of chips depending on how hungry I am feeling. Then when I come home I go to subway to get a sandwich, the meatball marinara.  If I don’t get subway I sometimes go to Chipotle to get a chicken burrito with lots of healthy toppings to maintain a good diet. Then for dinner during the week I eat chicken, fish, tacos, pasta, salad and vegetables. On weekends I am with my dad on most weekends and we usually go out to eat at P.f. Changs, City Wok, Shanghai Inn, Yard House, or Maracas. During the summer my brother and I eat a lot of fresh fruit and drink lots of  yogurt smoothies due to the hot weather.

A healthy diet is when you eat different foods that are healthy to be a good shape and to stay healthy. To me a healthy diet is eating fruits and vegetables and cooked lean meat. Healthy food is usually made from scratch so it is not frozen foods or fried food or any different way than making it from scratch. I believe everyone should have a healthy diet so that when you get older you will not feel drowsy or sluggish and feel more fit and feel good. Therefore having a healthy diet is very important so that you can become more fit because if you are strong and healthy at this age you will only keep getting stronger. 

Last year I remember I would go to In n Out Burger and get a cheeseburger with lettuce and some fries, especially after our baseball games.  Instead of this, I could go to Bristol Farms more and eat healthier. During this 8th grade year or over the summer, I ate it once and I have not eaten it since.  I could stop eating chocolate chip cookies or cut down on them this year. And going back to a healthier diet, I could get more vegetables on my burger and not get much fries and I don’t eat many cookies anyway. Everything else is healthy it’s just I need to eat even more of it than I do. I already eat really well and my diet is always good, rarely I will drink soft drinks or things with lots of sugar and fat but I do need more calories. One thing that I do is that I drink lots of milk, the milk is almost all the time 2% low fat milk too and I usually drink this every night and in the morning as well.

From writing this essay I have learned that from the second paragraph that in your everyday meals you should eat right and that playing sports is a good thing too to stay fit. In the third paragraph I learned what a healthy diet is and why to eat healthy as well. Lastly in paragraph number four I learned that I was eating In n Out a lot, every time after my baseball game or sometimes I would go there after school for a snack. Then now in eighth grade I have not eaten there once this whole year except for once in the summer. In conclusion I have learned lots about eating healthy and getting fit but this essay mostly reviewed everything about my diet.

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I think everyone should have a healthy diet, I hope people will soon come to the point where they can control how much they eat, not only that, also what they eat too.

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