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Dancing Is a Stress Reliever

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Dancing with skeletons? Students know the pressure for them to excel in school is high. When students learn materials to save people’s lives, it’s stressful. Students across America act in skits to relieve their stress; although, these ways are not necessarily appropriate.

The article “Future Doctors Behaving Badly,” by Barron H. Lerner shows how medical students have been putting on harmless skits since 1897. The skits have been accepted by the medical colleges for years even though they are the following: crude, demeaning, and exaggerated. The skits portray a side of the medical profession that is said not to be shared to the public now that these movies are showing up on YouTube. Some skits show girls dancing inappropriately with skeletons. Also, a surgical room designed like a salon. Were” One surgeon drinks from a liquor bottle while the patient has a helpful bulls-eye painted on his abdomen.”

These skits are ways to relax the students from their stressful full time schedules. They mean nothing and are not true. If anything it’s a way to form friends and to work on team work. Since these students will spend the rest of their professions working with other people, it shows how they can adapt working with other people in different situations. These acts are not meant to be degrading to anyone in the profession. It’s meant to be an outlet for a way to relive stress.

On YouTube, at this moment, you can go on and find students of any profession making fun of someone else, but it is not in the way you would expect. Stress is put on students and they are looking for an outlet and this could be the answer. A person’s stress reliever could be different from the next, but when you have a group working together to put on a performance and the stress level is low, it is amazing.

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