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Stress Management

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you feel like a starving legless man watching a doughnut roll down a hill? No matter what you try, you can’t keep up with the assignments and commitments that you made. I felt the same way when I started high school. I soon realized that stress was turning out to be a malignant part of my life. It was making me fretful, and my friends hated it. Succumbing to it was not an option; thwarting it was the next best thing. If life gives you lemons, you don’t go and get a new life -- you make lemonade. Here’s a way to turn your stress into lemonade:
Don’t try to be a ubiquitous person. This will put you in an excruciating situation when you can’t do what you said you would.
Do your homework in a remote place. Distractions will remind you of other problems that add to your stress.
Use your time wisely. If you find yourself being unproductive, take a respite. You will feel rejuvenated. If you have free time, start on upcoming projects to lighten the load later in the week.
Listen to your parents. It is the best way to ease stress at home. Assume your parents are right.
Enjoy what you do. If you find yourself hating what you are doing, stop. Evaluate what your goal is.
Do a few things and do them well. You will feel better -- like you accomplished something.
Think about others more than yourself.
Keep a balance between work and fun.
Don’t let fashion be a priority.
Don’t worry about grades. Think about what you are learning instead.
Follow these steps and your attitude will reverberate through the rest of your life. Let your attitude be a harbinger of your future success.

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