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Hearing my condition

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi Im Ladina an i am a girl with a bit of a hearing loss. well i can hear but i cannot hear high pitched sounds. i found out this when i was 6 years old and since then, i have been told to wear my hearing aid, which i never like to wear. I am afraid that people will take the mickey out of me wearin them and they will teae me. i dont like to be teased. i am in secondry school now and ive been there for 3 years now (year 9). I am currently choosing my options for GCSEs meaning i have to be really focused in all my lessons and i am absolutely nervous. This will affect my future. Like i said i need to be focused in all my lesson especially if i want to get a good mark in exams and have a really good job so that i can make a living when i am older. Im really not sure what i want to be when im older, either and Audiologist or a doctor, so basically i want to have a job to do with medical conditions.

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