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Zombie Teen

October 31, 2014
By Anonymous

The internet is very wonderful that makes not only teens but also adults addicted to it . The internet is one of the best creations of the human race, because we have many ways to communicate and sharing information. Just imagine, in a few more years every single human in this planet is about to be connected ( able to share and communicate) to social media, this can be really extraordinary for everyone.. Of Course there are terrible resources in this awesome invention. For example there are many teens that can't live without being online or games. The internet may not be the only thing that affect teenagers from being distracted from education in school, for example Gaming systems.

The article “ Who needs sleep” by kirsten weir explains why sleep is an important subject know in the modern days. In the article she says “Experiments with lab rats that have shown that rats will died of the lack of sleep” This quote is saying that is very important for a human being to get its 8 hours of sleep. Lets say that i couldn't sleep, and that i was awake for 2 days straight, what will happen to me?. Well in in the article she describes that if we stop sleeping for three days straight, then we would be hallucinating, and even can cause trauma. Trauma than can lead to death. We would be terribly affected if we don't get enough sleep, for example thirst and Hunger. What causes teens to lose their habit of sleeping? Can it be social media, is social media the main problem that is causing everyone to be addicted?

Gaming systems have been with us for 40 years now. Based on “Ted Talk”, they describe the life on the 90s of a normal teen Zombie, in other words they were talking about what kind of gaming systems or games distracted them from school, and what made them unconscious of what was going on around their surroundings. A great example of what kinds of distractions they had back in the 90’s was the Game boys, Game boys where one of the first popular portable electronic game of all time, I am referring to a game system that allows you to play anywhere. For instance, students could use it to kill time, or just to ignore the teacher, they could have been playing the Game boy for hour, because it was portable, in consequence teens have become a Zombie ( attached to its device) causing trauma. Another item that could’ve cause Zombie teens in the 90’s would’ve been the “Yoyo”, for example students could use it to compete in tournaments, or even with some other friends,by showing who had the most & better tricks.

Now in days our society has a better advance technology that allows us to experience the virtual world.“Spore”,  Spore was created in 2000, but it seemed like a really advanced game at its time, because it takes a huge imagination to play that game and the graphics weren't that bad, but it allows you to create and destroy planets and creatures. Generating more teens or young adults to be addicted, in other words act like a Zombie. From my own perspective I would say that a well known game for its creativity and Geographic, is truly a super awesome game that would never get old and that would be extremely addicting. I too am addicted to spore, therefore I’ve gained weight, and received low school grades. Transforming me into a Zombie teen that has been plugged into a PC.

In a way, teens become not just addicted but one Certain way zombies. too soon I see many teenagers walking on the streets and even on my school halls, with their phones on their hands, and walking at the same time to their next class. Can this affect them on their social and educational life. From my point of view, when i see a friend walking and texting or playing with their PSP, i feel as if there were to be zombies, because they don't even pay attention on what is actually happening on the real world. I too am also addicted to Clash of clans ( Clash of Clans, is an app that allows you to make allies or friends, and destroy bases that someone can dominate), will affect my education and social life by preventing me to communicate more with my friends vervali, and also will stop me from finishing my homework.  For example when I use to be on middle school, I had a tough phone, and I can still remember sitting there waiting for a text (response) from a friend. I can still remember those struggling days, that prevented me from having a good childhood, it also prevented me from having good grades. A Zombie Teen is a teenager who has been affected by social media aka the Internet, and Gaming systems.

Regarding that the Internet makes us look like Zombies, we still benefit from it. Consering that it’s a terrible way of killing time, We use it for research and sharing information. Therefore we may have the ability to be connected to everyone ell’s. Zombie teens, what are they, what are their purpose. Zombie teens are teenages who can’t go somewhere without social media accompanying them to wherever they travel to. But they sometimes use it to call for help whenever they are in trouble. For instance, I used my laptop to communicate my friend when my house was on fire, o there was this one time when I heard a really loud rakes in my moms backyard. More importantly, I would like to say that teens and adults need technology, we feed from it, in other words we cannot live without it.

Games has a great benefit to us teens because it makes us uncertain of what is actually affecting us in real life, by way of explanation I am referring to Divorcing, parents fighting, Bullying, Cyber bullying , with even communication etc.. To tell the truth, I think that games are one of the best ways to forget about problems and stress for a teenager. Not all teenagers are Zombie teens, based on my friends experience with his private life associating with Games, has been through lots of problems that would’ve scar him for life, but thanks to his PS4 he now feels more distracted, therefore he can avoid his grandmother's lost. He explains on a text “ it has been pretty rough this last three days, but I still can believe that she's gone” i recommended him to just be distracted by playing games or build up some muscle, later that same month he replied “ hey thanks for the advice, I think I'm still sad, but not as much. Playing GTA 5 has distracted me from this madness in my head, thanks”. This evidence is stating that not all TeenZombies have a bad health.

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Well I am stating on how teens become zombies by the internet, and games

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