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Nice LeeAnn

January 13, 2014
By DarkAngel101 GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
DarkAngel101 GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't count your tears, they mean only sorrow. But count the ones you hold back, which are your strength that makes you stronger."

It seems as if nice LeeAnn is always being pushed around
Like she is always in the wrong
I am tired of being nice and then have someone turn around and stab me in my back
To have people jump down my throat
To have everyone think that it is ok to talk about me just because I am different
Just because I look different
Just because I say things that are weird and I how dress
But when I speak words of venom everyone thinks that I am wrong and crazy
But I am always nice and I cry silently and drown in my sorrows
Because no one wants to hear how I feel
No one wants to be my shoulder to cry on
But I am everyone's shoulder to cry on
So I ask this so everyone will be happy
Admit me to Hill Crest and maybe the insane LeeAnn can become sane
And the nice LeeAnn can become the LeeAnn everyone wants her to be.
I know that I am sick but I don't want to admit it
I don't want to go back
I don't want to go back because of what they did to me
Or maybe I will go back to using drugs
Being suicidal
Cutting my self to make a poem
My blood will forever be my ink and my skin will be my notebook

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