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Get Real

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Everyone is smoking, its sad. I yes have tried it before like the 9 out of ten teens who have but it wasn't for me. I have tried drinking before, so it was gross but fun because of the effects. After though, I thought about why people do it? Why I had even tried it? I heard so much hype about smoking and drinking and how you get 'faded', everything is so fun and blah! Yea right, all you get is bad breath and your light headed (lmao) The truth is, we do it because we aren't happy with ourselves. It has to be it because I can get high off of my laughs and I don't need drinking to have me laugh about everything or express myself. I have a pen and paper for that! So the talk about drinking and smoking, it isn't true, I only did it to experiment on what everyone was talking about I mean why would I want to kill myself and pollute my air and the other people's air around me. It's sick and to have nerve and say that it makes me 'feel good' is disgusting. You need nicotine and tart in your system to make you feel good? Unhealthy lungs to make you feel what happy? Its poison people! Whatever you do, don't. Its not worth your life.

The author's comments:
I was never high or drunk before in my life, I've tried them both but never dared to go that far. Why kill yourself for a few hours of laughter? Why not laugh for a lifetime, why not really be happy instead of using some sort of substance to make you that way. Get REAL.

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