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June 3, 2009
By alandra terry-may BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
alandra terry-may BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Suicide is a common cause of death. No one pays much attention to it so it’s hard to tell how often it happens. It’s said to be rare among children but how can that be true? If it were rare, then it would not be the third cause of death among 15-24 year-old people according to If suicide is so rare then how come 30,622 people commit suicide each year, according to
Out of 100,000 people in population, 10.8 commit suicide according to Though there are many attempts it is still a major cause of death. People face many problems that lead to the attempts. For the attempts that are successful the numbers are high. The statistics are based on reported suicides but what about the ones no one knows about?
Some problems that can lead to suicide are: a chemical imbalance in the brain, popularity, wanting to change, and even weight problems. There are cases when solutions don’t work people resort to “their last option” as some people put it. There are quotes about suicide that make people believe it is a good solution. Some people don’t understand how listening to others makes a load of a difference. “There isn’t a day that goes by without the enemy shooting suicide thoughts through my head.”, one teen wrote in the popular book, “The Freedom Writers”. That is true for so many people.
Not only does someone who witnesses a suicide attempt have the thought put in their head but they may soon start trying it. My own experiences with suicide show how it works. It can start with someone getting angry over not getting what they want. Then it morphs into tantrums which soon become death threats. When that person doesn’t feel as if they are being taken seriously, they begin suicide attempts. Before long it could go too far and the one you loved may be lying lifeless in a coffin. If a younger person or sibling sees this, it is in their head. After a while the signs will appear. If you don’t act fast enough they may end up also lying lifeless in a coffin.
If you listen to the lyrics of some songs close enough you can find a suicidal message within them. A couple of songs are, “Wait and Bleed” by Slipknot and “Fade to Black” by Metallica. Here is a line from “Wait and Bleed,” “Inside my shell I wait and bleed Goodbye I wipe it off on tile.” Now here is a line from “Fade to Black,” “Drifting further everyday Getting lost within myself Nothing matters No one else.”
These songs show the idea of suicide according to
Suicide is a common murderer in our lives these days. Now that you have had a chance to see and hopefully understand this, please do something about it. Recognize the sign before it is too late. Let’s take this new light and shine out the killer of so many people.

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