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How the Internet Affects Valuable Family Time

November 3, 2021
By Bebe_gun SILVER, Nebraska City, Nebraska
Bebe_gun SILVER, Nebraska City, Nebraska
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            I believe that the internet prevents students from spending valuable family time with family. Do you really want future generations to completely rely on the internet and electronic devices? Kids are becoming glued to their devices, and it is beginning to travel to younger kids and toddlers. If we want our country to get anywhere in the future, we need to pay more attention to how the internet is negatively affecting family life.  
First, the more time kids spend on the internet, the harder it will be for them to properly socialize, holding up their end of the conversation. It will be harder for them to express their opinions and feelings to their parents, teachers and friends. Yes, watching movies and playing games with your family is a good thing, but actually talking can form an even deeper bond, and the internet is keeping kids from learning that very valuable skill.
In addition, psychologists say that having a direct conversation with someone, each person holding up their end of the conversation, can form bonds that are stronger than just playing games. 89% of kids that say that they had regular conversations with their parents about various topics also said that it was easier to talk to other people. They said that it was easier for them to talk to people such as teachers, new classmates, and even strangers if it was necessary.
Next, kids who are regularly on the internet usually have worse grades than students who only use the internet in moderation. If you have worse grades your parents may go as far to put time aside for you to do your homework, time that could be spent having fun.Studies show that people who are on the internet a lot have a shorter attention span than others, leading to not paying attention in class. Also, if you are in front of a screen there is blue light coming from that device. Blue light is harmful to your eyes and affects your sleep resulting in, not only being less agreeable, but not being able to complete assignments.
            Furthermore, pediatricians say that students who are on the internet on a regular basis usually get 1-3 hours less sleep than others. If you aren’t getting sleep at night, chances are you will be grumpy and not pleasant to be around, leading to people not wanting spend time with you.Studies show that getting less sleep leads to a shorter attention span, and with them already being nearly non-existent, do we really want it to get shorter? Likewise, 71% of kids who are regularly on the internet have significantly lower grades than other students.
            In conclusion, the internet takes away valuable family time by keeping students glued to their screens. This leads to tiredness, and social awkwardness. To avoid the internet ruining home life, some families have begun to put screen limits, ensuring that there is always time for family.

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Some of the statistics are made up because my class got in an argument about this so my teacher said to write an essay about our side of the argument and try to convince others to see our way.

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