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Stay Away from

January 31, 2020
By Penned__ideas SILVER, Chandrapur, Other
Penned__ideas SILVER, Chandrapur, Other
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Failures, heartbreaks, materialistic losses etc are some of the reasons which sadden us. When inspite of toiling up for something  dusk and dawn, it moves away, all our efforts are ruined and our hopes are lost. We surmise as if there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it post this. This begins a series of guilts and sorrows which hallucinate our heart every time we try moving on. The more we attempt coming out of it, we eventually end up being tied up inside. We hesitate face people for no reasons and prefer staying in. This lands us into loneliness and mental stress to what we address now as DEPRESSION.

        Do you know Readers, the rate of depression affected people is increasing day by day which is of course not a good sign at all. Why is this pacing upwards so much? Why was it so less in previous times? Why is there a need to cure this? Well, the culprit is within us. The major root of this problem is these gizmos and fanatics which compel us to be the "BEST" and "HAPPIEST" for the digital world. Our shyness or ego whatever you may call it, hinders us to talk to people or face them. We have this "what will people say" fear in our heart because of which we never express our grief to anyone. Even I would say, we are also not good listeners these days. If someone tries speaking their heart out to us, we either find it a boredom or we keep throwing our list of advices on them. My question is WHY? In earlier times, people used to share their sorrows and happiness together. They were no symptoms of depression because they had no GUILTS inside.  According to me, Depression is nothing but, "DE-EXPRESSING" or not expressing yourself in a way you are ought to. My dear Readers, never ever live with regrets or burning sorrows. Just speak up and throw them out. Talk to people around you. Find someone who you feel can be a good listener to you. It can be anyone from you family, friends, teachers, I REPEAT, ANYONE!  Also, please be kind enough to lend your ears to someone you find needs you. Be a little vigilant and see around you. If you find someone you feel needs aid, just go and urge them to speak up, and when they speak, just stay calm and listen. Do not give any suggestions and advices unless asked for. 

In this era where mental health issues are on hype, we need to be compassionate and concerned to bring up notions to cure this. Be careful for the people around you because if it matters to them, so it must to you.

The author's comments:

Depression is a serious issue many of us are struggling with. The major problem is most us aren't even cognizant of the fact that we have this disease! Let's be a little more vigilant, little more careful, you never know how one sharp eye can cure someone around you.

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