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Until Vaping Ends

October 3, 2019
By abbie1018 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
abbie1018 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Until Vaping Ends

Imagine you have a parent that vapes then you start vaping. You didn’t know what vaping can do. Then weeks later you end up in the hospital. Was this all your fault? Was it your parents, or maybe it’s the FDA's, who's fault was it?

Its everyone's fault! Teens are responsible for their actions, but teens, parents, tobacco companies, and the FDA are responsible for vaping. First off vapes are not safe at all. The things in a vapes are terrible, like tin, lead, Benzene. Some people even put Vitamin E Acetate in their vapes; it's like a Vaseline substance that fills your lungs. So far there is over 800 cases of this “disease”, and 13 teens have died.

Some people argue that vaping is not harmful, and no one is responsible, but they are very, very wrong. We already know smoking is bad how could vaping be good? There are 20 cigarettes in a pack, and one Juul pod is equal to 20 cigarettes. Vaping seems equal or worse than smoking, because teens are being irresponsible. Challenging their bodies. Clearly this isn't helping teens.  

Tobacco companies say vapes were designed for adults. Why do they make advertisements that get teens' attention then? Shady stuff they're playing. All these “good” adds have caused 40 million users worldwide. Over 40 million plus possible deaths.

Vaping is and can be deadly. We should want our world to be healthy and safe. Until we know what to do, until the government cares, until vaping get verified, we must help spread the bad results of vaping. Not just for teens but everyone.  

Teens are not the only people responsible for this vaping game.  

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Who’s responsible?

The effects of vaping

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