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A water bottle is just as bad for you

July 12, 2019
By Madisondedrick3 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Madisondedrick3 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Today we are here and gathered to talk about how bottled water is bad for our bodies. I want to bring this to everyone’s attention, for the fact that we are all involved. We are all getting sick; we are all experiencing it, we are all suffering as a whole. When we think that bottled water is good does anyone actually read anything on the bottle about what is in it?  The companies that we are buying from they are actually fooling us about how it is a great thing when it’s really not. If we all try to change how bottled water is packaged or what is in it, we all can make a change.

 Bottled water now can cause cancer by particles in the bottle itself when it is left in the car or just in the sun on a regular basis. Many people do not understand that water can cause problems. Banning bottled water would protect local water supplies. Almost 64% of bottled water comes from municipal supplies. Bottling water can drain water sources that local communities rely on. According to Dr. Matthew Davis of the University of New Hampshire, during droughts, bottling plants could dry up wells and wetlands or deplete the streamflows in the immediate area. Opponents of the ban on bottled water say that it would remove a healthy beverage choice for consumers, leading to increased consumption of unhealthy sugary drinks.

Bottled water includes a BPA which is bisphenol A, BPA is a chemical that in time will contaminate your bottled water. Many big industries use it on labels around the bottles. This is the thing that you hear about when they say not to leave the water in heat or outside directly in the sun because the BPA chemical will go into the water. BPA is the leading chemical towards cancer, when you hear about it on the news that water bottles can now cause cancer it's because of the BPA. It’s just like adding gasoline to an already burning fire (simile). When company's say that water is from the springs it literally means that it came from a local spring underground. This is dangerous because they use particles from the ground or every little particle in the ground (hyperbole) that contaminate your water by which has been man-made and can be dangerous. The real truth is that these companies are lying to you surprised their nose isn't growing like Pinocchio’s did when he lied (metaphor).

A solution to this problem would be to get a water purifier that will help you keep the best water. This water is much healthier for your body. When you use your own containers to preserve your water for the whole day would be better than the bottles. Now drinking fountains are starting to gain purifiers for school and other places. The best thing to do it to not use the bottles but just to use your own mugs cups and others to provide the same thing that the bottles do for the whole entire day.

The vision would be to see more and more places start getting purifiers to get rid of the minerals and extra stuff that can harm your body. The more we see them the more people will start to use them. Hopefully, the water gets better and there will be ripples of hope for everyone (metaphor). The more people use and use and use the containers the purifiers for water more and more and more people will understand and realize that water is bad. One day from now there will no longer be bottles and just be containers to carry and good water.

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