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Save the Trees

October 21, 2008
By Julie Watson SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Julie Watson SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Conservation is the way in which I would focus on saving the forests. Conservation may help with saving habitats and trees too. Everybody can conserve they just have to set their minds to it.
One way is to make a law that states cut one plant three so that people have to “repay” the forest back. Like if some random person went and cut down a tree then they would have to plant three more trees. Maybe if that law was stated then it is a possibility that people won’t cut down as many trees because they didn’t want to go plant more, so it would not only be helping the forests’ but wildlife too.

Another way is to RECYCLE! If we recycle then maybe fewer trees would be cut down, especially if we start recycling paper. In one of my classes (7th Grade English) my teacher has only passed out 8 pieces of paper per person this whole year. Wow! Another thing is that in all of our classes we have recycling bins to put paper in so that it’s not just going to waste. Okay so if we start recycling paper then just think of how many trees would still be standing. Something people can do is put up posters around different places that say recycle, reduce, and reuse and other little reminders to remind people to recycle. Maybe then it would help the trees.

Also another helpful way is to slim down development that include cutting down trees. It is just as easy to go get some bricks and build a house rather than to go cut down trees. A possible way to save trees is to make a little part of land with trees and say that it is the only place in which you can cut down trees. It would be quite smart!

So why is the forest so important? Well think about what the forests’ are useful for, oxygen, habitats, beauty, and much more. Trees are not just there to go and cut down. Can you imagine life without forests? What a nightmare! Conserve!

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