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Saving our Forest

October 21, 2008
By Anonymous

John Muir once said, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” He was trying to say, “The ways you get thought the universe is to see though are trees.” The main way in which I would focus on saving Idaho is conservation.
First, I would compost stuff that could be turned into soil that we do not use and it could be great soil for like a garden or for planting and making new food. Because it is a waste to just let it sit in a dump or somewhere else when it does not have to be there.
Second, I would recycle stuff so it could be made into new paper, bottles and lots of other stuff. Because paper is made out of trees, trees give of oxygen, and so if we do not recycle them, then they have to cut more trees down, to make more paper and there will be not as many trees’s giving off oxygen. In addition, we could do cut one down and plant three and then we would have 3 times as many trees.
Finally, I would limit development. Because there is no reason to tear up items like grass, trees, and mountains that you are not going to use and just leave it as dirt. Therefore, if you do not waste stuff your not going to use you will have more of it than if you just waste it. In addition, we will have more space to build stuff that would be useful.
So who cares? Why is saving animals and plants and saving the forest so important? If we do not save are forest, then we will not have any trees to give off oxygen, and oxygen is what we breathe in. Therefore, if we want to breathe in good air and breathe it in easily then we want to have more trees. In addition, there is no reason to tear up stuff that no one will use. So why waste it?

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