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keeping it clean

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever gone into a forest to go hiking or camping? Then out of nowhere you see an empty bag of Doritos, or some type of candy wrapper lying on the ground? Or even the worst of all… dog poop, beer bottles, and soda cans everywhere making it smell just terrible! I don’t know about other people, but that doesn’t sound very charming if you ask me. That’s what happening to the forest though. That’s why if I were in charge of Idaho forest I would focus on cleanliness.

First, I would try to make a special day to clean the forest. What you would do is come to your local forest and spends the day cleaning the forest of any litter left by people. This could help the forest stay clean for beauty, better animal habitat, and could even help with global warming.
Next, I would make a ratio for cutting and planting trees. For example, if you cut down one tree for logging, you plant three more to replace the one tree. From doing that, it improves the air’s cleanliness, again give better habitat for animals, and would make the forest more attractive and will make people want to go to the forest more.
But what about the bark beetle disease? Bark beetle disease is a disease that weakens the tree’s immune system. I believe we should let the trees naturally fall, then go into the forest and remove the fallen trees. Then, you could use the trees to recycle or for other purposes. Or even, create an area that would have bark beetle free saplings and take care of them to make sure they stay bark beetle free.
Imagine you go into the forest one day with your family. The sun is shining bright, you can smell the water in a creek nearby, and you look down…yuck.
I don’t want the forest to end up that way…do you?

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