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July 20, 2008
By Anonymous

I sit by the old Grandfather trees

I think about nature; the birds,flowers,bees

My Grandmother met her lover here

He was a sailor stationed near

They sat between these two trees

In the grass, they're on their knees

He tells her about his job sailing the sea

She smiles and listens under the Grandfather trees

He sees her here everyday after

Each page they turn, is a new chapter

On her birthday he mader her a swing

Over time, the roots grew up in between

Entangling themselves with each other

They swore they'd never find another

He asked for her hand

Under the Grandfather trees sand

They got married on the 5th of May

But he had to leave the very next day

He told her to wait under those trees

She said she'd wait, forever on her knees

Every morning and every night

She was there, in that sight

But he never came back

He was never on track

She got a letter one day

She couldn't bear to read what'd it say

His ship had sunk

In an enemy bay

Her eyes filled up with tears

As she ran, ran to the pier

Nothing could subside

What she felt inside

She went back to the Grandfather trees

As I sit here and touch its leaves

I pull out its grass

And remember the last

Thing she said to me....

"Your love is as strong as roots

They go through hard times

But are forever there

They'll tell the story of you love,

But will always keep the old ones as reminders,

As they make way for new stories to come"

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J03L said...
on Aug. 11 2008 at 3:08 am
Wow this poem is really amazing!!!

Cant wait to see more on here!