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Planet Protection

June 21, 2008
By Anonymous

The drop of water plummeted to the ground off of the leaf it was settled on. The rain had stopped pouring, and the Sun was shining through the leaves of trees in the rainforest. It was a truly beautiful scene. Or rather, it would be if it were many years ago. If you were to travel to the location just previously described, you would be surprised to find an urban jungle. It may seem to you that so many people are working to help the environment and that your assistance in that area is simply not needed, or that the speeches that these people give you are boring or lame; you need to think a bit harder about it. The way some wise people see it, you have only one life, so you better do something useful with it. I have found the purpose I plan to live for. That purpose is to educate those who don’t care for the environment as much as others and put my plan into action.
I believe we have enough technology at this time to not only switch completely to florescent light bulbs and gas-saving cars, but to change the values of the youth of our world through a program I plan to start.
This program would be a time in every class to teach about character and the environment. Each child would be given an earpiece with a microphone, much like a Bluetooth, to listen to a team of educators that could hear them and talk to them, and an optional camera (most likely connected a pin worn on the shirt) so that team can see what is happening around the child. Each time the child acted up or was rude to other children, they would be gently reminded not to do it again and to apologize. They would also be reminded to recycle and be energy efficient, as well as taught about environment protection. If we focus on the children, who will decide this planet’s future, then we can save the lives of many, including plants, animals, and humans alike.

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