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Rain Storms and Rock Shows

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Slowly the crowd starts to gather. The pack of people grows larger and larger until everything is all of a sudden dark. For a moment there is only silence. There is no noise. There is no movement. There is nothing. Slowly, the rain begins to pour down from the body in front of me. Suddenly, the silence is broken and as if from out of no where, the lightning strikes, illuminating the stage.

There is the deafening sound of the audiences roaring applause. Immediately after the noise dies down, the sound of the thunder’s cymbals crash and the band begins to play. The thunder booms again and again. It’s steady beating plays on almost in sync with the continuous, fast paced changing of the lights hung over head. The screeching sound of the lightning’s crackle, pop, and feedback is blasted and echoes through the amps.

From some where behind me, the air borne leaves and debris tries to push and shove it’s way through the screaming crowd, making their way closer to the stage, trying to get a closer look. The umbrella stretched above the stage keeps the band nice and dry, but I am left to be drenched and soaked by the steady down pouring of water that is carried by the wind.

Slowly, person by person, the crowd begins to break apart. Suddenly the music softly starts to fade away and then comes to a stop and once again there is nothing. There is no noise. There is no movement. There is nothing. The sun, once again is visible and everything is calm.

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