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By Anonymous

      Asa busy high school student, I do not usually go looking for more activities.There are some opportunities, however, that I just cannot pass up. Over thesummer, I went to the visitor center for what will be the National Marine LifeCenter (NMLC) and was immediately interested in the operation.

The NMLC isin the preliminary stages of becoming a large-scale facility to research and carefor stranded marine animals on the beaches of Cape Cod. To create such afacility, the founders of the organization need to raise seven milliondollars.

The first step is renovating the existing visitor center, whichwill become an exhibit center explaining the dangers for stranded animals andwhat can be done to help them.

A huge part of what the NMLC is trying toaccomplish is simply to spread their message. People don't realize how manymarine mammals have to be euthanized because there are no research facilities tocare for them in this area. The center will be built near the entrance to theCape Cod Canal, an ideal spot because Cape Cod is the site of the most marinemammal strandings in North America.

Once the first renovations arecomplete, the rest of the funds will be used to create a research center whereanimals can easily be transported and cared for. The NMLC is part of the Cape CodStranding Network and hopes to reduce the number of animals that must beeuthanized by caring for seals, dolphins and whales to prepare them to return tothe wild. The NMLC is a nonprofit organization; many people and companies havedonated their time and money.

I was very impressed with what I learned atthe visitor center, and wanted to make my own contribution. I now volunteer thereto promote the cause of the NMLC. This is accomplished through local advertisingas well as educational programs to teach people about the need for this center.It is important that people learn how much these animals need treatment and careto survive in the wild. I am working hard to help the NMLC raise the funds theyneed to build the proposed facility and succeed in thefuture.

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