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A Single Flower

January 8, 2008
By GriffinD SILVER, Los Angeles, California
GriffinD SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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~Robert Sexton~

A single flower stands tall in a field of dirt -A field of dirt that was once its home, and once its friend. The entirety of humanity, and its fellow animals, had been destroyed in a nuclear war. Rain pelted the ground angrily, as if punishing the world further for its betrayal. Everything was gone except for that once flower, for that one dying flower.
The Arundina graminifolia was once a beautiful flower. Life pulsed through its white petals and spouted from its pink and yellow center. But now death infected the flower like a parasite and like the rest of the Earth, its beauty had slipped away.
Rain slipped off of the Arundina graminifolia’s puss yellow petals, each drop dragging the flower a little bit towards the ground. The last hope of the Earth’s regeneration would be destroyed by the Earth itself.
But the Arundina graminifolia was forgiving and knew the Earth’s anger, for it had once felt the same way. Through the years, flowers had developed what was called an “Extra seed.” The extra seed was stored in the blossom, so, if need be, the flower could call upon the seed if it was ever in need of a life source. The Arundina graminifolia called upon the “Extra seed” to come forth into the world, and help repopulate the Earth with flowers.
There wasn’t much time though, the rain was pouring harder, and the flower was growing weaker. The Arundina graminifolia pushed with all of its might, for the fate of the world was at stake. It was no use though; the flower couldn’t take much more.
The tiny blossom sunk to the ground, it’s now yellow petals splaying out on front of it. With one final ‘pop’ the “Extra seed” was brought into the world. It was conveniently placed under the Arundina graminifolia’s petals, shielding the “Extra seed” from the tiny bombs of water.

And so, the “Extra seed” did its job, and though hard work and persistence, was able to pass on its life. Eventually, the whole field of dirt was full of flower, and then Earth.
The Arundina graminifolia gave its life to create another, and its belief in the future and not the past lead to the rebirth of the world. No matter what happens in the past, it doesn’t matter. What matters now is the time that is given to us, and how we use it. We cannot change the past, but can control the future.

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