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Fur IS Dead (And Other Stories Of The Suffering)

December 24, 2010
By AmberLorraine SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
AmberLorraine SILVER, Olathe, Kansas
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"If the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule. There would only be you and your memories." - Donnie Darko

Imagine that you are an innocent animal and that every thing that is going to happen in your future is to be determined by humans.

Perhaps you are a cow. Cows born on farms are taken away from their mothers and put in different locations. A male calf is often sent to veal farms. Throughout their life, female cows are fed food with hormones to help milk production. Their utters are swollen to extremely uncomfortable amounts. They are then hooked to a milking machine, which usually causes painful cuts and lacerations. When the cows are unfit for milk production, they are slaughtered and used for meat.

Maybe you chose to be a pig. Pigs are kept in cramped cells. Their children are also taken from them and sent other places. The pigs are abused by being hit with electric prods and kicked. Pigs receive food that is not very nutricious and never get much physical activity. They often become extremely ill and are unable to move. However, they are kicked and prodded to be forced to their destinations.

You may have decided to be a chicken. Chickens are crammed into tiny cages with a number of other chickens. They don't have room to move or open a wing. Many of the chickens are driven mad and will fight to the death in these cages. Eggs are often forcefully ripped from inside the chickens. "Runt" chickens are killed in terrible ways and put in bins. Some of these chickens are still alive when they are thrown into a bin.

Slaughterhouses are extremely cruel. The animals are electrocuted or ran through boiling water. They then go to have their throats cut. Many times, the animals are fully conscious until they have their throats cut. They are then cut up and sent to grocery stores and fast food chains all over the nation.

Perhaps you wanted to be a furry animal, such as a cat or dog. These animals are also crammed into small cages. They suffer brutal beatings often and their cages are thrown onto the ground. These animals are skinned alive, while still receiving beatings, and their bodies are thrown to the side. After being tossed away, these animals suffer utter agony up until the point where they die.

Maybe a sheep was more to your liking. Sheep are raised in masses on farms. When they are sheared for their wool, giant chunks of their skin are often taken with it.

Maybe you wanted to swim around and be a fish. People put hooks into the water with food on the end and wait for the poor fish to take hold. The hooks are then pulled through their mouths. They suffer pain and are still alive when they are pulled onto land, where they can't breathe.

A deer has no troubles and worries. But imagine that you are walking through the forest, just looking for food. These innocent deer are shot and killed for their meat. They are often still alive after being shot and try to run. When they run, they re chased by hunters, who often try to keep shooting at them.

If you wouldn't take the life of a human, then you shouldn't take the life of an animal. They have thoughts and feelings. It's a terrible thing to think that what they feel or think is below the level of humans. Taking a life, no matter the species, is murder.

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