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Planting a Vegetable Garden

April 5, 2008
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Food is wonderful thing. Many people across the nation would agree. They would also agree that if there was a more natural and resourceful way to obtain their food they would hop to it immediately. This can be done by simply planting a garden.

The first positive reason to planting a garden (rather than buying vegetables at the store) is that it is more natural. Big produce companies spray lots of pesticides and other chemicals on their vegetables. If one planted a garden there would be a less likely need for such chemicals and pesticides.

Did your mom forget to pick up tomatoes at the store? No worries, just head to the garden and pick some. A vegetable garden is a wonderful source of food. In many situations, it is helpful to have a food supply in the backyard.

Usually, homegrown vegetables taste better and fresher because they have not been shipped from somewhere else. Therefore, one would be more apt to eat vegetables and get the vital nutrients his or her body needs.
Plus, these tasty snacks cost less. Typically, two cucumbers cost approximately one dollar at the store. On the other hand one could buy a pack of cucumber seeds for the same price but grow more than five times as many cucumbers.

Lastly, think of how much plastic and paper is wasted when someone buys vegetables from the store! A shopper puts vegetables in plastic bags (each different type of vegetable equals another plastic bag). Then, the check-out person puts these plastic bags into paper or plastic bags. Planting a garden would help reduce the amount of paper and plastic that is dumped at landfills.

Planting a garden may not seem very helpful to the environment, but it truly makes a positive impact. It benefits individuals, families, and the world they live in. Planting a garden is one way everyone can make a difference.

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