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A Call To Be Green

March 23, 2010
By brdn287 SILVER, Maywood, New Jersey
brdn287 SILVER, Maywood, New Jersey
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Ever since the invention of electricity and the car, the population of the world has relied on non-renewable resources, such as coal or natural gas as their main source of energy. Not only do non-renewable resources pollute the environment, they will also run out over a period of time. There are many alternatives to non-renewable resources called renewable resources. These renewable resources include solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, and nuclear energy. It is important to use renewable resources as the main source of energy because they cost less, they omit little or no pollution, and they will not be depleted over a period of time.

Renewable resources are a less expensive alternative to the rising prices of natural gay, coal, and crude oil. During the winter months, high heat bills trouble many people when it comes to heating their homes. These high prices are a result of the expensive oil used to heat homes. If people used solar energy instead, heating bills would be lowered dramatically. Solar energy is even profitable because people are able to sell excess electricity back to the power companies. Although solar panels cost a pretty penny to install, they do pay for themselves making it a great investment. It would make sense to use the free resources provided by the earth to get our energy rather than spending money on something harmful and expensive. By taking advantage of solar energy, hydroelectric power, and wind turbines, heating and electricity costs would be lowered, even making a profit for some.

By using renewably resources, less pollution will be omitted into the environment and atmosphere. Every day, millions of tins of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere as a direct result of the burning of natural gasses and fossil fuels in automobiles, factories, and power plants. This is taking a major toll on the environment causing holes in the ozone layer allowing harmful radiation and green house gasses to get into the atmosphere. As more and more radiation gets in through theses holes, more cases of cancer and other harmful diseases are surfacing. The holes also allow more green house gasses to come in and be trapped resulting in global warming. If the switch to renewable resources is not made soon, the effects of global warming will become irreversible. Renewable resources put out little or no pollution into the environment, saving it from being destroyed. Changes such as hybrid cars can help save the earth from drastic climate changes that can have a negative affect on everything living on this planet.

As time goes on, fossil fuels and crude oils are constantly being depleted, and eventually they will run out, leaving people who depend on them helpless and with out a source of fuel. Each day, crews on land and at sea are consistently drilling for pockets of oil deep below the surface. Soon, they will be unable to locate any more deposits of oil and the world’s main source of energy will be gone. Luckily, Mother Nature has given alternatives that will never run out. Wind energy, solar power, and waterpower are examples of renewable resources that will not run out. By investing in turbines, solar panels, and dams, renewable resources can be taken full advantage of.

Non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and crude oils pollute the environment, cost money, and will eventually run out over time. Renewable resources do not pollute the environment, cost little or no money, and will not run out over time. Renewable resources are even profitable to most people because they can sell back excess electricity to the power companies. Drastic changes in the climate and environment will occur if renewable resources are not used. Also, switching over from non-renewable resources can lower heating and energy bills. Each and every day that fossil fuels are being depended on, the environment is taking a terrible toll. Renewable resources prevent the environment from being destroyed, and preventing holes in the ozone layer from forming. It is impeccable for the people of earth to begin using renewable resources because they are cheaper, less harmful to the environment, and they will not run out over time.

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