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When will it be important to care?

February 3, 2010
By dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"You cannot acheive peace with violence" -several people

I am surrounded by teenage trash. I walk down the hallways and see the same things, day after day after day. Ugg boots, coach purses, Abercrombie tops, Juicy backpacks, dark mascara eyes, shiny pink lips, over-processed hair and so on and so on and so on. After seeing what is in magazines and on TV, I have come to the disgusting epiphany that these are things that many people think are the most important things in the world. I do not want to believe it… but at the same time, I fear the truth behind it.

Sitting around at school, I hear the conversations of my peers. Gossip, it is all gossip, the other thing of high importance. All that matters is what is happening to their friends, enemies, and crushes, as well as what they are doing this weekend, what they just bought, and things they consider stupid. These are what appear to matter most about these people. It saddens my heart to think that what is happening in just their tiny lives are what is most important to them. It is not the world, peace, environment, hunger issues, animal rights poverty issues, or even what they plan on doing to help the world- because they don’t. In fact, they think that it is weird and freakish whenever somebody feels extremely passionate about something other than who is dating whom. When will it be taught to care for the world in popular media? When will it be something other than Britney Spears or Jen or whatever? What happened to our Martin Luther Kings and John Lennons? Are there any still out there? And when will they rise up and try to teach these matters that actually matter? I plan on it, and I hope I might meet others who will join and help make a difference in the world. An alliance, an alliance of people who want to do good, to actually change the world and impact what people feel is important is what we need. Don’t be afraid, do what you think is right, go against the crowd and say what you feel, declare the importance that everyone is missing!
The world needs it.

The author's comments:
Seriously, people. Care.

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sldkfja GOLD said...
on Mar. 3 2010 at 5:18 pm
sldkfja GOLD, Sdflkjdfl, Pennsylvania
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I totaly agree.