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Because it tastes good!!!

January 31, 2010
By dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
dragonbiscuits SILVER, Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"You cannot acheive peace with violence" -several people

"I will never become a vegetarian because meat just tastes too good!"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that...

I grit my teeth upon hearing that phrase, "because it tastes good!". Sure, to each his own and everybody has his own opinion... but really...
Is that the best claim you can come up with?

Maybe, you just don't know the facts.
I'd be happy to educate you!

Maybe, you cannot physically live without it for some health reason.
I understand.

But, do you just not care? Is your first concern really what is in your stomach? Do you not care beyond a meal, a meal easily substituted for something else? Don't you care that there are living, breathing, feeling, caring, loving, unique beings out there, just waiting to be slaughtered a painful, far too drawn-out death. Yes, animals do live and breath, obviously, and yes they feel pain. Of course they do. Yes yes yes, they care and love, cows, for one, are very maternal. They love their calves just as much as you would hope a human mother would. There have been many cases where an animal has become extremely close to another of a totally different species after they had been hurt or lost.
Animals are not a tool for human use. They live their own lives, rather, they should, and we should all live in (and I apologize for how horribly corny this is going to sound!) harmony with one another. Humans are not above animals, not by a long shot.
I am sure many of you are now thinking, "Well of course humans are! Look at all we can build and do!"
Yeah... that is all fine and dandy but really, is it that beautiful of an attribute? Sure, we can create many things, and many of them are wonderful and I love them, but have you really thought about all humans have destroyed?
Forests, marshes, oceans, reefs, coasts, grasslands, homes, lives, the air... so many things.
How great are we! We have successfully screwed everything up! Why? Well... in the earlier days, people did not know the consequences of what they were doing in regards to the environment. Today, in these times, it is well aware what is happening. Yet...
people who know this are still destroying.

Why? I have one simple answer:

They do not care enough to stop it. They have other things on their minds: money, dates, clothes, social lives, climbing the ladder, becoming famous, and/or taking care of only themselves.
They know what is happening but they do not do a thing. Often, they do not care what is going on around them, what is happening to people, animals, the environment around them, because "Hey, if I am good, what else matters?".
I'm sure this is not completely true for many, but it seems like this is the world we are escalating into. A world where it doesn't matter if something dies, as long as we have something tasty in our stomach, or if air is polluted because we have an awesome car, or if those people are in pain and suffering but we have it good. So it is good.

But it isn't. Because it tastes good, and that is all that seems to matter anymore.

The author's comments:
I believe my article speaks for itself. Please read to the end, and please comment, if you would like!

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